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Welcome to the jlab team! We here collect a list of things useful to know for new team members as you are.

  1. if you don't yet have a BCF account, please request one or write a mail to as soon as possible to get access to our IT infrastructure. The *responsible* is; you best put him in CC of your request email.
    1. ssh into our system, once you have your account
    2. for accessing the JupyterHub check this site: JupyterHub
  2. we have electronic door locks. Please contact our secretary to grant you according rights if you don't want to spend too much time in the hallway.
  3. while we struggle due to Corona, we cannot have more than two people in one office. We use a Teamup calendar to organize the pool room. Please drop Anette a mail to request the according link.
  4. we have a weekly group meeting, Mondays at 10:00 am (currently via video call, but hopefully soon in person). There is no protocol and it shall serve as a forum for scientific / problem discussion. Please make room in your calendar for this max. 1h meeting. Please ask for the link to the conference system.
  5. please remind me, by dropping an email, to add you to our internal mailing list

additional to-dos for employees:

  1. request novel HRZ account (g-Kennung and email)
  2. update “people” section on webpage
  3. ask BCF to be added to unix group “jlab”
  4. elevate electronic doorlock access
  5. if you want to pay the employee price at the cafeterias of the university fill out this form and bring it to their office during business hours (9AM-3PM). Don't forget to bring identification
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